Community Promotions Manager

Objective: To lead a team of people to get to know our local community, partner with like-minded organizations where appropriate, promote CrossWalk and invite people to church.

Supervisor: Director of Outreach


  • Recruits, trains, schedules, manages, appreciates and retains community promotions volunteers

  • Coordinates all-team meetings

  • Leads the creation of a Community Promotions Team VTO and maintains it

  • Leads a team to promote CrossWalk at community events

  • Leads a team to get to know our local community & partner with like-minded organizations

  • Leads a team to invite the local community to church


  • Term: 1 year renewable commitment

  • Time: Varies, dependent upon events/projects; 3-5 hours per week

  • Training: Meetings with Director of Outreach

  • Enrichment: Marketing and promotions classes and materials

  • Spiritual Growth: Regular worship and growth group participation encouraged

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Age Requirement: 21+ years old

  • Class System Requirement: CrossWalk 201 Vow

  • Skill Requirements:

    • Making personal connections with CrossWalk members and community members

    • Experience in community promotions is helpful

    • Knowledge in social media is helpful

Additional Requirement: Signed confidentiality agreement

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