Street Signs Volunteer

Objective: To place a CrossWalk Church sign on a street each week and remove after weekly services.

Supervisor: Street Signs Team Leader


  • Places street sign(s) in predetermined location every Friday evening (9am Saturday morning at the latest) and removes by Sunday evening (8am Monday morning at the latest)

  • Helps recruit other signs team volunteers

  • Performs regular sign maintenance

  • Communicates with Signs Team Leader about any issues

  • Makes arrangements for a substitute to place sign out in their absence
  • Attends all street signs team meetings


  • Term: 1 year renewable commitment

  • Time: 10-20 mins per week (the time it takes to place signs)

  • Training: Scheduled trainings as needed

  • Spiritual Growth: Regular worship and growth group participation encouraged

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Age Requirement: 12+ years old

  • Class System Requirement: N/A

  • Skill Requirements:

    • Dependable, accurate, timely

    • Dependable vehicle or reliable way to get to sign location

  • Additional Requirement: Signed confidentiality agreement

If interested in this volunteer position please fill out the form below: