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Crosswalk Kids

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Our mission is to connect kids and families with Jesus and each other so that, someday, we can hug our kids in heaven!

We do that in two ways.

1. Through fun, age-appropriate worship, Bible stories, and lessons every weekend. (CWKids)

2. By empowering parents to be the primary spiritual influencers at home. (CWKids Building Blocks)

Here's what you can expect at church on the weekends:

  • A safe and caring environment, staffed by qualified volunteers.
  • Opportunities for your kids to connect with other kids and Christian adults.
  • Interactive, engaging activities designed to increase your child's Bible knowledge and deepen their faith in their Savior, Jesus.
  • Once a month Parent Days that will target each age level and one Faith Habit Building Block.

Here's what you can expect during the week:

  • Weekly take-home Parent Connect
  • Helpful links and reminders on Facebook
  • Encouragement and support from the CWKids team


Infants (birth to 18 months)
Little ones are given loving care in a safe and inviting room where they can crawl, walk, and play to the soothing sound of Christian music. Your baby will have the comfort of Christ brought to them through music and video. Our trained volunteers look forward to caring for your child by reading books, playing with toys, and holding and rocking them. We want parents to feel comfortable dropping off their little one in the arms of our volunteers, so we provide you with a unique ID number that will be put on the worship screen if your child needs your attention.
Toddlers (18-36 months)
These little ones have a blast with us each Sunday as they wiggle and praise our Jesus that loves them so! Your child will have a fun morning filled with music, Bible stories, games and other Bible learning activities.
Preschool (3-5 years)
Your child will enjoy both a large group worship and a small group time with a trained teacher. Children at this age benefit from learning one main idea that they can apply to their lives throughout the week, and will hear about God's amazing characteristics and how we can live out God's Word every day. Children will also join in worship songs in a music video format where they can get their wiggles out and praise God in their own childlike way! The morning also includes memory verses, craft, snack, and group activities to reinforce the lesson. Most importantly, your child will receive a parent take home sheet that will give you an opportunity to reinforce the lesson throughout the week. You are your child's best teacher!
Elementary (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)
Exciting worship music, games, and creative Bible stories all presented in an interactive style will get your kids to drag you to church week after week! Our curriculum offers your child an opportunity to apply Bible concepts and stories to their daily lives with a fun, creative approach. Each week, we join in a large group teaching time with skit and Bible story, and a small group time with a trained teacher. They will enjoy this small group/large group format where they can worship God and build a relationship with their small group teacher and friends every week. Our fully trained teachers will help answer those "God questions" your child may have. Most importantly, we provide parents with a take home sheet that briefly explains what was taught that day to encourage further discussion and teaching at home.